On the way to class.

I tried researching online in hopes of figuring out where this sticker is from or what it means. Found nothing.

A Classy Baby's First Birthday

Afroz and I photographed a friend's daughter's first birthday party during the weekend. We're both amateur photographers, but have learned so much by taking classes, viewing tutorials online, and just straight up experimenting with our cameras. We personally love photos that are natural and not overly edited, so after messing around with different lenses and editing techniques, I think we're getting the hang of it all and getting great results.

This was the first time I photographed a children's event. The baby girl was so adorable and fun to capture. Her outfit was just so flippin' cute. It included an intricate little crown and a classy lace onesie. I melted when I saw the little details. Since it was a private event, I can't share too many photos, but here's a little glimpse of my favorites:


Ork Posters are awesome.

I always saw these posters online, on people's shirts, and on the walls at coffee shops. These simple, colorful type posters have become very popular, not only in Chicago but abroad as well. Ork Posters are based in Chicago and have created these posters for many cities, such as London, New York, Toronto, and many more. Ever since Afroz laid his eyes on this poster, he wanted it for our apartment. I surprised him for his birthday recently and he was super happy! Although I was disappointed that the package came a few days early when I wasn't home and he figured out what it was immediately...but hey I tried right!

We put it up in our dining/office/living room space. (Yes, we have this big room where we pretty much do every activity except sleeping.) I love the pop of color and we both look at it every time we sit there, realizing that there are many neighborhoods in Chicago we didn't even know about. Thanks, Ork Posters!


Solar-Powered Watch with a Bold Look

I bought a Q & Q watch. I found out about Q & Q watches in Lucky Magazine and I assumed it was going to be super pricey, but this watch was very affordable and great quality.

The letters stand for Quest and Quality. The watch is solar-powered and water resistant. Solar-powered means it's battery-free, which I love. I know it's terrible, but when my watches run out of battery, they sit there for a long time until I finally find the time to get the batteries changed. More than anything, I honestly just love the simplicity of the design and the bold colors. The strap is made of recycled polyurethane resin and the cover is acrylic resin. I just have to let it sit in the sun when I need to recharge it, which won't be for a couple of months to come. The watch is meant for everyone, no matter what age. The colors are seriously great for both kids and adults.

After a long period of wearing basic leather strap watches with dull colors, I needed a pop of color. I'm glad I bought this watch, because it's low-maintenance, affordable, and looks awesome!